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Nita's Hideaway Sticker

Nita's Hideaway Sticker

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Nita's Hideaway was a fixture of the Valley music scene for nearly 30 years in Tempe. Nita's hosted too many bands to name and was a favorite spot for local band Jimmy Eat World. In 2002, Nitas moved into a larger venue that allowed for larger and more dynamic, but off-mainstream artists like Niko Case, Sigur Ros, Pinback, Cursive, The Mars Volta, My Morning Jacket, and many more. Due to bad luck, coupled with the death of the owner of the property Nita's was leasing, the venue closed in 2004, when the property was sold.

Size: 3" x 3" Material: Premium vinyl with special laminate that protects from exposure to wind, rain and sunlight.
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